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Descripción: First Year English Writing Class Syllabus Spring 2018

Rob Whyte D570


Bring lots of paper and pencils to class because you are going to do a lot of writing. My main goal in this class is to change they way you think about writing. English writing should not be a boring exercise filled with grammar lessons. Writing is a creative activity. It sometimes fun and almost always challenging because it needs imagination, logic and thinking.
Objetivos: COURSE GOALSUse effective strategies for reading college-level texts and for acquiring new vocabulary in academic contextsBegin to build up a logical analytical argument in a short essayIdentify and practice various writing styles and formats
Asignaciones: MAJOR PAPERS (drafts and final versions): We will use the term draft to refer to unfinished or preliminary versions of your major papers. You will be required to write drafts of each major paper and will receive feedback from your classmates and me. Drafts will not receive explicit grades, although you will receive credit for completing them on time. Remember that you are more likely to write a better final paper if you write a substantive draft. Your performance on your drafts may also affect your participation adjustment (see below). Your course grade will be determined primarily by the quality of the final versions of your major papers. All drafts and final papers must be word-processed and be documented in MLA style. Please include a word count (available as a function on most word processors) at the end of all written work.HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS ANDEXERCISES: You will be assigned weekly HW (varying assignments based on the readings covered) and occasionally exercises and activities. You will do some of these in class; others will be given as homework.I recommend that you purchase a notebook to contain your in-class writing and that you bring this notebook with you to class each day. Your exercises may not receive explicit grades, although you will receive credit for
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Practice Sentence Combing
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Recursos: 1.Arts & Sciences Writing Program: Administers all WR courses and the Arts & Sciences Writing Center. You may contact the Writing Program if you have any concerns about your WR class.100 Bay State Rd., 3rd Floor617-358-1500writing@bu.edu2.Educational Resource Center: Offers tutorial assistance to all undergraduate students in a range of subjects, including writing. You should use the Writing Program’s Writing Center for your WR classes, but you may visit the ERC for assistance in other subjects.100 Bay State Rd, 5th floor617-353-7077http://www.bu.edu/erc3.Boston University Libraries: Offer a wealth of online and print resources. Research Librarians will introduce you to the many resources the library offers in any field of research. They can work with you to develop a research plan and organize your sources. The Research Center welcomes you for walk-in consultations on the first floor of Mugar Memorial Library or at any other library on campus.Research appointments: http://www.bu.edu/common/request-an-appointment/ 771 Commonwealth Avenue617-353-2700 http://www.bu.edu/library
Otra información: Academic Conduct Code
Boston University’s Academic Conduct Code is designed to assist in the development of a supportive and productive learning environment. It is both a description of the University’s ethical expectations of students as well as a guarantee of students’ rights and responsibilities as members of a learning community. The Code provides clarity related to policy and procedure regarding academic conduct.
Método de aprendizaje: PACIE
Idioma: Español
Profesores: Mauricio Hilje
Unidades: 4, Proyectos: 1
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