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Descripción: This course builds on the writing principles and processes practiced in COCC150. COCC300 focuses on reading and writing a range of arguments appropriate for academic and general audiences. This course offers students multiple opportunities to both read and analyze varieties of argumentation and to research, write, and revise their own arguments on controversial issues. Students will complete a carefully sequenced series of assignments that will include summarizing, synthesizing, evaluating, and crafting arguments, many of which will be based on library and field research.
Objetivos: Learning Goal: The trainee will possess the knowledge and skills required to process
minor crime scenes for latent prints using powder. The trainee will
recognize situations that require the use of other processes for developing
latent prints.
Performance Objectives: At the completion of training, the trainee will be able to:
1. Describe the value of fingerprint evidence, define the term latent print, and
explain the difference between a latent print and a rolled print.
2. Identify on a visual, model, or real person the four areas of the body which
bear identifiable ridge structure.
3. Describe how a latent print is left on an object.
4. List the three categories, which describe the relative visibility of latent prints
and give an example of each.
5. Describe how the visibility and retention of a latent print is affected by
conditions associated with human and non-human factors.
Asignaciones: Essay. 1 page 25%
Reading report 25%
Oral presentation 25%
Discussion 25%
Temas: English Language (4 skills)
English Culture.
English as a first, second and foreign language.
Accents around the world.
Recursos: Aula vitual
Plataformas virtuales de apoyo
Método de aprendizaje: PACIE Methodology
Idioma: Español
Profesores: Ric Rod
Unidades: 4, Proyectos: 1
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